Be Confident With Your Life

I’m feeling so motivated tonight. I fell behind on school work last week because of some family problems and so tonight my work is piled up. I’m pulling an all-nighter to get caught up on this school work before I have to go to work at 6:30. Whenever I have to do a mass amount of homework like this to catch up, is when I do my best work and I somewhat enjoy the learning I’m doing. I hate that I can’t get it done originally and that it comes down to this, but whatever works!

A feeling of confidence has come over me while working on this. I had a hard time making grades last semester so I’m taking online classes to get my GPA up. My confidence arises from the fact that I know I can get good grades on these online classes and work ten times harder come fall semester. The college I go to is where I want to be, and I know I deserve to be there. I should have just worked harder my first year there. I know what I am capable of achieving and I’m going for it! There’s no regrets of my past year, what happened, happened and I can only go forward.

A sense of reflection has also come up on this night. I have learned from my mistakes, like slacking off on school work. If I had regrets and could change this past year, it would have made my experience so much different. Sure, certain things that happened sucked, but they would not have made me the person I am today. My mistakes taught me a lot and I am a better person because of them. What is life without a few bumps in the road? Bad or good, they make life worth living. You can only go from here. So with that being said, I am taking advantage of learning from my mistakes and doing so much better, starting with these summer classes.

It is up to me to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities given to me. Life hands me the tools, sometimes in the weirdest of ways. It is my job to take those tools and use them to my full advantage to get where I want to go. God has a plan for me- and it is a great one, I just know it. He has a plan for us all. Sometimes it is not obvious, so you have to be open-minded and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. It is okay to get off track, as long as you always find your way back. Have some fun along the way too, and make every moment count. You never want to be that person who has regrets. It is almost seen as a bad thing to have them. Just learn, and move on with your life. Even if you just have to take it one day at a time. Do what’s best for you and make your dreams happen. 

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.” -Albert Ellis

God Bless,




Have you ever?

Have you ever had those moments in your life where you stop realizing the world directly around you and begin to think more about the WORLD around you. When I say that, I mean the whole world- everything. Those moments for me usually include something of inspiration. For example, this evening I saw a video while scrolling down my Facebook news feed. A simple video. This video was of a couple, who despite all the odds against them, made it. They got married and have an amazing relationship centered around God. Religious or not, this video would pull on your heartstrings while also restoring your faith in humanity. The man in this video had been dating the woman for 10 months during college and things were great. Then he was in an accident and was left unable to do things like speak or walk on his own. The woman who he had been dating, stayed by his side through it all. The man regained some of his communication skills and can even walk on his own. That video inspired me. When the odds are against you, that doesn’t mean give up- it only means try harder.

I followed the link to this video. It lead me to a website with other inspiring videos. Everything from the topic of abortion to a mother meeting the woman who received her daughter’s heart. I got so consumed in the videos on this website that I was on it for nearly 2 hours this evening.

My advice is to indulge in moments like these. It might be just what you need to get out of a rut, or perhaps take action and make an impact. Take notice that there are things in this world bigger than you, so don’t dwell on negatives. Because as for the negatives, you are bigger than them.

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway there” -Theodore Roosevelt

God Bless,